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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

phone card blues

…My credit card showers me with affection. Like a lover, they do things to please me.
This is, of course, a trade off.

I call them up to ask them to remove two charges.

This phone card company on the internet——it sells me two phone cards that drain of minutes. You use them, and then you go to use them again, and they are empty, or nearly empty.

I have friends in the Middle East. I wonder if my blog just got red flagged. I have friends I like to call. And in Canada. So I buy phone cards on the internet, and these phone cards, they drain.

So you call customer service.
These are people in India.
They are always very sorry about what is happening to you.
They restore your minutes. But however many times they do that, the minutes always disappear.

I try not to hate them, these people in India who are trained to be very sorry.
I try not to love them, these reps at my credit card company who are trained to make me feel that they have an affection toward me.

I am reminded of what I sometimes tell myself, that almost noone is worthy of my love or hate.